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TiMow M$ and PSI at it again
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Having completed a scan (to recognise Java u.22), PSI ( reported 4 insecurities -
XP SP3 (2 times), IE8 and Windows Media Player; plus PowerPoint Viewer 2003 as End-of-LIfe.

M$ Update downloaded and installed 11 KB updates.
Re-boot and re-scan left only PPV 2003 as e-o-l. -- download solution went to PPV 2007, which was shown in All Programs (Start menu), but no change in PSI (after installation).

Re-boot and re-scan had XP SP3 insecure and PPV 2003 as e-o-l.

Re-checked M$ update, which offered 6 further KB updates, relating to M$ Office 2007 - 2 failed (Security Update for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (KB951944) and Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 (KB951550)). I don't have the paid Office installed.

Re-boot and re-scan now listed .Net 1.x, .Net 1.1.x and .Net 2.x and XP SP3 as insecure, plus still PPV 2003 as e-o-l

M$ update now offered up a further 5 KB updates relating to M$ Office System and PPV 2007 (SP2)

N.B. All PSI scans 'til this point, showed, on completion, last full scan as 7 hrs. ago, giving the time of 7 hrs. previously.

Re-boot and re-scan now showed correct completion time (last scan 1 minute ago), no insecurities and PPV 2003 gone from e-o-l.

In total - 22 M$ KB updates (all manually instigated), numerous re-boots, re-scans - PSI falsely/inaccurately reporting some insecurities (there were no further .Net updates, and XP changed status several times with no further updates) - much messing about and time lost.

When M$ and PSI fall-out - just keep checking M$ updates, re-booting and re-scanning, over and over - but it's probably down to luck!

Hope this offers an insight into what some may still have to come.


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Anthony Wells RE: M$ and PSI at it again
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Hello TiMow ,

For me the 11 KB's downloaded quite quickly via M$updates ->Custom install select all .

My PPV stand alone 2007 is up to date ; as I remember , when you upgrade from 2003 to 2007 you still get a raft of M$ Office updates .

Your problem (!?) as such probably arose from mixing the two jobs ; anyway when/after you upload M$ updates you need to reboot and then go back to M$ updates and repeat the process until no more KB's are offered , again reboot and do the cycle one more time - just for luck .

Only then is it the time to run the PSI , maybe even cold start first ; it's never going to keep up with you , as you have found out . The process is always going to take it's time , so you let it run it's course and then run the PSI or Belarc - make sure the latter is updated to the latest bulletin which is also not instantaneous .

Hope that helps clarify things a little .



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