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eganay localisation
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I was wondering when Secunia is planning to localise PSI ?
I'm not talking about translation, I read something about it.
I'm talking about having the updates in the correct language.

For example, with openoffice, when an update is needed, when I click on "install update", it downloads the en-US version, not the kb-LG (fr_FR for me) version of my computer.
As editor downloading website can check this and serve the accurate file, is it dificult for secunia having this modified ?

Thanks for this product, I'm fighting hard having this PSI with CSI at work !


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This user no longer exists RE: localisation
Member 15th Oct, 2010 09:31

This feature is already enabled in the most recent build of the Secunia PSI 2.0 Beta.

If you go to the Results tab, and double-click the Auto-Updateable program you want to localize, you can choose the language you want to use from the "Preferred language" drop-down box.

hope this helps.
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