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ottybuddy deleting
Member 15th Oct, 2010 15:35
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I don't know if this is the right place to ask this.
But if secunia scans and finds a threat why should I download it if is a threat?

How can I delete it?

TiMow RE: deleting
Dedicated Contributor 15th Oct, 2010 16:30
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PSI is alerting you to an insecure program installed on your PC.
The download solution link should update such program with a secure version, where the vulnerability has been "fixed".

I would exercise extreme caution regarding deleting programs that PSI lists as insecure. Only occasionally is it necessary to manually remove/delete a program, when the new update has not fully overwritten/uninstalled the old insecure version, but created a new file, still leaving the old file for PSI to detect as insecure.

In such cases, you can navigate to the file location, using Windows Explorer, to delete this old file (once installation of the current version has been confirmed).


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