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MelyBoon registry
Member 16th Oct, 2010 13:12
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Hey guys,

So far there's nothing visibly wrong with my XPS M1530 which I've been using for almost a year. Startup time is normal and speed of the CPU is fine.

However, I'm wondering if despite the regular performance of my notebook; I still need to defragment my disk and clean my registry files?

What exactly does disk defragmentation and registry cleanup do using pchealthadvisor?

Is there a risk that they will delete important files accidentally?

Will it speed up my system even faster than it already is?

I'm pretty new to this stuff so I'd appreciate any explanations on the benefits and (if any) disadvantages of doing so.


ddmarshall RE: registry
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Disk defragmentation attempts to put all the sectors of a file into a contiguous block. Depending on how the computer is used and how full the disk is, this is usually a good idea. Versions of Windows since Vista do this once a week automatically by default. I wouldn't spend any money on anything over the built in defragmenter in Windows.

Registry cleanup involves scanning the register to identify entries which appear to be unnecessary. For example, they refer to files which are no longer on the system. At best, this is a waste of time; at worst, entries which are later needed are deleted and this causes problems in the future.

For a relatively unbiased test of some PC Tuneup Utilities, have a look at this:

A cautionary tale:

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MelyBoon RE: registry
Member 17th Oct, 2010 14:46
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Thanks for the response.. I got more info on the
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