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Henrik Gulbaek Soeborg All is updatet
Member 18th Oct, 2010 05:49
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and still Secunia is telling me that these programs needs attention:

Apple Itunes 9.x

Adobe Reader 9.x

How come?

TiMow RE: All is updatet
Dedicated Contributor 18th Oct, 2010 08:56
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Hi Henrik

Firstly, you may want to see my reply in the following thread, where you have also posted:

Regarding you 2 specific instances:

Apple iTunes - the latest is iTunes10. If you open iTunes on your PC and from Help menu, click Check for Updates, this should offer you the download to update. If you don't already know, it is slow and takes quite a while to complete - just hang in there.

Adobe Reader - unless you can give the precise version number (and other information, that I asked for in the other thread link), it is not easy to offer the best advise.
I don't use Adobe Reader, but I know that it updates in increments - if you have missed a previous update, it may not take a later one.

If you can come back with more details, you should get some better help.


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Maurice Joyce RE: All is updatet
Handling Contributor 19th Oct, 2010 18:30
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Now U have created a Global ignore rule have these problems gone or are they on the C drive & still require fixing?


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Henrik_G_S RE: All is updatet
Member 19th Oct, 2010 18:53
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Yes, thank you. It seems so. Have tried both scanning and backup to my extern harddisk, and there were no warnings.
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