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lvd Feedback: Hang at start-up
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I want to give some feedback on my installation of PSI2beta and getting it to work, which was not a great experience.

I have XP SP3 and had the hanging start-up screen "Verifying Internet connection ..." After some reading, I tested "--verbose --debug secunia.txt" and found that PSI hangs at "Determining computer name" and after some time says "NetWkstaGetInfo failed 10 times, giving up : (0x0000085a)The Workstation service has not been started."

I checked my service list for Workstation and found nothing. Google revealed that this service is only installed if the "Client for Microsoft Networks" is. So I go to Control Panel, Network Connection, Properties on one adapter and see that I have only "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" in the items list, nothing else. After that I quickly installed this Client for MS networks, unchecked it, because it only needs to be installed not active and started PSI2beta which loaded successfully and started to scan.

That leaves me wondering, why PSI needs the workstation service and provides no feedback while it apparently correctly identifies this service as missing or not starting.

I was also surprised to find, that many people had the same problem, but installing the Client for Microsoft Networks and check to see if the Workstation service is running was not suggested.

Now while it's running, PSI2beta does a fine job and I really like the AU function.

Thanks for such a great & free service.

Anthony Wells RE: Feedback: Hang at start-up
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You missed this ; a good read ??!! :)) which ends up at the same place as yourself :-

Glad you were equally successful as Bob . Perseverance and guile is all .

Take care


PS: Bob also identifies the culprit - no prizes for guessing !!


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