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WebsquadLex OpenOffice 3.x -- Out-of-date ??
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I've just downloaded the latest OpenOffice 3.x and then checked for updates (there were none); yet, Secunia says that the software is out-of-date.

The same thing is happening with FireFox .....

What's the story?

thedillpickl RE: OpenOffice 3.x -- Out-of-date ??
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Hi WebsquadLex;

Use the Open Folder feature to 'see' what PSI is showing as Insecure.

In the 1.5.x version, in Advanced mode, click the Insecure tab, click the [+] to the left of the program, click the Open Folder icon.

In the 2.0 beta, under Patch Your PC, click on Scan Results, click the [+] to the left of the program, click the second (from left) folder icon (mouse over should read 'Open folder').

> Are there leftover files from a previous version?
> Are these files archives or on/in a back up drive/folder?

If leftovers, they should be removed so PSI can watch the 'real' program.

If a back up and there are no working programs in this drive/folder, you can set an Ignore Rule.



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TiMow RE: OpenOffice 3.x -- Out-of-date ??
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You haven't stated that you've re-booted and run a full PSI scan, since updating - if you haven't, then do this next.

If nothing changes, then post back with full version numbers and installation paths of the insecurities.


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