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Zorba58 Google Chrome updated but old one remains
Member 23rd Oct, 2010 10:41
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Hi New to this so please bear with me and hopefully someone can help me?

I am using a Dell inspiron with windows 7

I have updated Google Chrome to 7.0.517.41, however PSI is still showing Google Chrome 6x as insecure and it resides on my harddrive etc. I have tried finding it with Control Panel (Only shows the updated Chrome as above 7.0.517.41), I have also tried: Start, all programmes, Google Chrome and this also shows the above version. I dont want to just delete, how do I get rid of theolder version?

I have restarted, rescanned etc, and Chrome6x still on my system and shows up as insecure browser. When I load Chrome it is the udpdated version as above not 6x.

I need some really simple step by step explanation please?


TiMow RE: Google Chrome updated but old one remains
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This is normal with Chrome, and is nothing to worry about. With every Chrome update, a new file is created, still leaving the previous version, which PSI will continue to find until it is manually deleted.

You haven't stated which PSI version you have, but the following relates to PSI - there would be slight differences if you use 2.0 beta.

- PSI in Advanced mode - click top right of window, then OK;
- click on End-of-life tab, where Chrome should be listed (if not, then Insecure);
- on l.h.s. of Chrome listing, click "[+]";
- from Toolbox, click Open Folder icon;
- you should now see both file number versions in Windows Explorer;
- make sure old version number is highlighted, right click and delete.

Wait a few minutes, if a pop-up bubble from PSI tray icon doesn't show "Removed Program" for old Chrome (when Program monitoring is enabled), then re-boot and full re-scan PSI.

This should now have removed the old insecure file. You may need to delete this old file from Recycle bin, as PSI still reports the contents of this.


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ZorbaMS RE: Google Chrome updated but old one remains
Member 23rd Oct, 2010 13:27
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Thanks for that, it worked like a dream, easy when someone tells you how, I agree computers still need humans, but some of us humans need help from the more clever ones: LOL, thanks again, sorted.


Dell Inspiron
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