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thedillpickl Update; "Star Wars" missile attack?
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Shhhsh! I've discovered a documentary revealing secret operations, in the dark recesses, at Secunia. Could TK 2588 actually be Emil?


p.s. I think I may have the ID 10T error.

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mogs RE: Update; "Star Wars" missile attack?
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I know I shouldn't do it.....become overly wary.....threats by association.....smoke without fire, so on and so forth.....but after reading the following ; a more or less natural reaction I suppose....I don't go anywhere near YouTube !!!
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IM Worm Uses URL Encoding to Spam Misleading YouTube Links
October 13th, 2010, 16:40 GMT| By Lucian Constantin
Security researchers warn that a new instant messaging worm uses URL encoding to create misleading links that direct users to fake YouTube pages.

The spam messages are received from friends, who's computers have already been infected, and contain links of the form:[censored]config%2Einfo/?vi...

For a non-technical user the link might appear to lead to, but %2E is actually the hexadecimal representation for the "." [dot] character.

You might say it's the first or last stages of paranoia.....I might say I didn't get my stripes from my father !!! You never see all my spots...without question ?!

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TiMow RE: Update; "Star Wars" missile attack?
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By replying to relevant threads, will hopefully keep them on the first page, and relegate this overload of spam to the second page.
Apologies for unnecessary e-mail update.

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