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Guwedoe Removing Items from PSI
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I am trying to clean up my PC and have a question. Under the Secure Browsing Tab, it says that I have 4 browsers insecure. Under the tab it lists IE 7, IE 8 is listed twice and Firefox. Each browser listed has a few problems that I am trying to clean up. I don't have IE7 installed on my computer, at least I can't find it anywhere. Why does PSI list it as a problem? Also, why is IE8 listed twice? Any help is appricated!



mogs RE: Removing Items from PSI
Member 25th Oct, 2010 23:57
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Very often, tho' you update a progam...the older file/version gets left behind. psi continues to detect it, even if still residing in the Recycle Bin.
If you click on a + sign alongside a program it will expand to reveal the file path...the location of the detected file.
If you click on Tech Details it will confirm it.
If using psi 2.0 Beta....+ once for the file path....twice for more information.

Post that info back to the forum, together with psi version and OS, if uncertain how to proceed.
You may have earlier and later versions of progs installed.
Even with a fully patched IE8 it will not be shown as Secure for browsing.
Hope this helps........regards,

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TiMow RE: Removing Items from PSI
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In addition to the advice from @mogs, above, I would like to add the following.

You haven't stated which version of PSI you use - I use, and my info. relates to that. There would be differences if you are using 2.0 beta.

The secure browsing tab is for information purposes and any problems seen here, can not be directly actioned from here. You need to look in the other tabs (Insecure and/or End-of-Life) to find and solve any problems you may have. If there is an entry in a browser box (in secure browsing), and is written "Insecure, no solution", then you can do nothing, at present to change that.

If you have IE8, then obviously you don't need IE7. It should be listed in the patched tab, and by clicking [+], you can then further click Open Folder and delete IE7 file, where it's present in Explorer.

If you have 2 boxes for IE8, then it could be that one version is installed in an alternative, non-standard location (back-up drive? - maybe IE7 is also here?). You should look at installation paths to double-check (again from expanded listing in patched - but maybe not 2 entries?). Is your OS 64 bit? if yes, then one IE8 could be for 64 bit and the other for 32 bit.

The latest Firefox is 3.6.11 and shouldn't show as insecure. Is the insecurity in the browser box against a plug-in/add-on?
Is the Ff. insecurity listed in Insecure or End-of-Life tab? If so, what is the full version number and installation path? ([+], then Tech.Details). Have you run "Check for Updates" from Ff. Help?

As and if you require further assistance, it would be helpful to include details of your Windows OS and PSI version number.


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