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J.R. can't clear winvnc.exe as insecure
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Hi - Please don't hit me, this is my first thread, please forgive errors.

When I scan my system with PSI, one of the three insecure items is "winvic.exe". It is a file used by the program 'crossloop'. My problem is that the path to the file is shown as:
Installation Path

C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-1214854341-2076124218-217 1838185-1000\$RL9UIY3\plugin\Network\ultravnc\file s\winvnc.exe
When I try to go to that location using the open location icon, nothing happens. Am I missing something? I've searched the system without finding it. I admit to just starting to use PSI and still have a lot of questions.

I first tried downloading the solution but that didn't help.

I have un-installed the crossloop program, deleted the files from the recycle bin, then rebooted but there was no change in the PSI report.

Could someone please explain what I'm misunderstanding (or doing wrong).

Many thanks,

J. R.

AMD 4 proc 64bit 2600
Win 7 Ultimate
8 GB Ram

Anthony Wells RE: can't clear winvnc.exe as insecure
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Hello JR ,

This problem crops up occasionally and isnot always solved . Here is an example :-

Just because the PSI picks it up , it is not necessarily a serious security risk ; it rather depends on location . The trash bin is not very likely to be sac-caged or ransacked by the bad guys , so setting an ignore rule for the item may be a preferred or last option to consider if the suggestions in the thread do not bear fruit or you don't want to try them .

The "ignore file/folder/program" icon is next to the "open folder" icon .

Hope this helps .



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