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getsmart37 Patched numbers can vary.
Member 26th Oct, 2010 05:50
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I have 80 Patched at the moment. That does not concern me at all.

My Question is.

I have noticed some time recently this went as high as 84 then settled on 81 for some time now it is back to 80.

As far as I know the program is running perfectly and there has to be a simple answer to this.

I only ask to keep the answer as simple as possible and please do not loose me in technical terminology thank you.


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This user no longer exists RE: Patched numbers can vary.
Secunia Official 26th Oct, 2010 08:57
If you are running the stable version of the PSI (1.5) then sometimes temporary files will count as a installed program.

In the PSI 2 Beta, identical program will get grouped and only counts as one.

This could explain the variation of the number of patched program.
mogs RE: Patched numbers can vary.
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An example of why it is happening might be Chrome. Whenever 'tis updated it leaves a left over file, and Google Gears is installed again...for a short while, until removal that might show as two progs more than usual.....there's likely other instances similar occurring.
The following is an official reply concerning program count with psi 2.0 Beta, tho' somewhat different to the other versions; it may give you some further insight :-

The mechanism for scanning has not changed radically, and the PSI still detects every program it did before (If anything, it detects more programs). However, a few of the specific changes in the 2.0 Beta could make it appear that some programs have disappeared.

One is that the PSI now tries to group several detections of the same program as one entry, and only counts it as one. This mean that if you, for example, have 5 installations of Google Chrome 5.x, only 1 will be counted and shown in the statistics. This is to avoid the confusion caused by "Zombie Files" (Upgrade leftovers), which was a common issue with older versions.

You can still see every detected instance by expanding the program entry under "Results". If you double-click the entry, a list with the appropriate statuses for each program.

Another is that the PSI now by default only scans the root drive (Which is usually C:), and the drive containing "Program Files" (Usually also C:). To scan other drives, you can go to the Settings tab and choose which drives you wish to scan under "Drives", simply by setting a checkbox next to the appropriate drive.

Emil R. Petersen
Secunia PSI Support

Hope this is of some help.....regards,

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