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Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2003

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PSI notified me that my PP viewer was end of life so I updated my version like it said. PSI still told me I had 2003. In Add and Remove programs only the 2007 version is listed. Can I remove 2003 from the Microsoft Office Folder by just by deleting it? 2007 is listed in the Office 11 folder so I can see both are on my computer.

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Secunia Official 28th Oct, 2010 15:26

Some programs won't remove the older version when you are updating to a newer version.

Sometimes it must either be removed with a special uninstaller, clean-up tools or manually deleted.
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The following was copied from a reply by Maurice Joyce, to a similar problem:

"OK - use the Open Folder option in PSI - it should take U to that file. Right click & delete it.

If it is contained in an Office 11 folder delete that folder.

Do a full rescan & U should be OK."


P.S. Here's the thread from where the above is taken:

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