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Tunaman Problem Submitting a Missing Program
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I am running Version of the PSI 2.0 Beta and love it. However, I found a problem when I tried to submit a program that was missing from my scan results.

The problem program is JGoodies JDiskReport Version 1.3.2 (

I believe the program is written in Java and uses a .JAR file for execution. If I specify this file in the suggested submittal form, when I click on the "Suggest Software" button, I get the following message: "No file version information was available for the specified file. Please locate the main .exe or .dll for the program and try again."

Is it intentional to not include .JAR programs or an oversight?


Pete Anderson

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mogs RE: Problem Submitting a Missing Program
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Just found this copy of an official reply concerning suggesting programs :-

To submit software suggestions, first verify that all settings corrospond to those described in this item of our FAQ:

Then, please keep in mind that not all files can be used to detect software, and some executables will therefore be rejected by the Software Suggestion feature. The file will need to have version information attacthed to it - to verify if this is the case, right-click the file you want to suggest, and select Properties > Version.

The file needs to have a version number appropriate to the actually installed version either in the "File Version", "Product Version", or "Version" field (The field shown as "File Version" at the top of this tab. The second "file version" is another field).

Emil R. Petersen
Secunia PSI Support

Hope it's of some help........regards,
Another point maybe worth noting at this time for reference, is that psi does not monitor Beta/Dev versions.
It seems that the wrong link may be contained within the above post.....FAQ's can be found here :- FAQ's

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