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Normc1545 Secunia solutions won't download
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PSI is giving me alerts for both Firefox and Java. However, when I go to the sites to download the fixes, the downloads stop less than halfway through and simply disappear off the screen. Any ideas as to the cause and/or fixes. I am using ZoneAlarm Security Suite and Firewall but there is no indication that this is causing the issue. Any and all help greatly appreciated.

This user no longer exists RE: Secunia solutions won't download
Secunia Official 1st Nov, 2010 09:10

Does the download interrupt only when using the download links through the PSI or also when downloading files in your webbrowser generally?
Anthony Wells RE: Secunia solutions won't download
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Hello Norm ,

I use ZAISS and have it set with high security options . I have the latest version on my XP SP3 system with Firefox as default (and recognised as such by the PSI) and Chrome (Dev Channel) .

The only problem I have encountered between ZA and the PSI is where the Component control setting

:: go to GUI->Program Control->Main->Program Control->Custom->Component control ::

is set to enabled .

This can cause the PSI not to be able to use the (embedded) IE engine to get to M$ updates which is essential to run an accurate scan ; this shows in the "error log/scan message " on the scan page/tab .

I cannot say if this affects update solutions , other than probably M$ solutions which also need IE , as I seldom use the PSI solution itself ; if I do it selects Ff and the download/update runs correctly . If I ever need it :eg: for M$updates , I only run IE(8) using the Ff or Chrome "IE Tab" extensions .

Hope this is useful regarding the Zone Alarm part to your post .

Take care



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