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TC Tyler Internet Explorer
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Is IE 8 not safe. It is showing a CAT 5 threat now. I am using my CC# to make purchases online. I get a pop up window that states "would you like to view only secure info" Yes or No. . . then it says the info might not be secure and anyone on the internet could view the info. It did that on a secure web page as well as on the paypal site. Should I be worried?


ddmarshall RE: Internet Explorer
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This is a problem that crops up frequently. The usual cause is that the secure https site is displaying an advert from a normal http site. You can avoid any risk by replying 'Yes'.

The current unpatched IE vulnerability should not affect IE8 if you are running it with DEP enabled, which is the default. This also requires your computer to be capable of enforcing DEP. If it's more than about five years old it may be a problem. Microsoft has published a Fixit that stops the exploit working here:

Additional mitigations can be found in the suggested actions/workarounds section of

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