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chumm (Active X)
Member 5th Nov, 2010 14:09
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I have the newest version of PSI and it keeps telling me that the above is "insecure" yet I've clicked on the download button and installed the fix three times. New scans show the same problem arising. Is this a glitch?

The path is: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\Flash10k.ocx


chumm RE: (Active X)
Member 5th Nov, 2010 14:32
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Amazingly, I figured out how to fix it by looking at a thread that didn't have anything to do with my particular problem. :)

I went to Control Panel to see if the newer version was indeed installed (it was) and I didn't see the older version.

So, I went to the path where the problematic Active X was and saw both the new one and the old one there. I had to close out PSI and Messenger, then I could delete the old one. I re-booted and ta-dah! all was well.

Thanks for this helpful forum.
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TiMow RE: (Active X)
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Use the PSI Open Folder option, or use Windows Explorer to navigate to the file location, you've listed above and right click and delete the green/yellow gear wheels icon with "Flash10k.ocx" under it (r.h.s. of window). The latest is Flash10l.ocx, which should be kept. (you may need to further delete from recycle bin to fully remove insecurity)

This was not removed when you updated, because something was still using flash at the time.

If by latest PSI, you mean latest stable version (, then this has to be fully exited from tray icon, before installing the update. If using 2.0 beta, then something else was using flash - browser, messenger?


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This user no longer exists RE: (Active X)
Secunia Official 5th Nov, 2010 14:33

Great that you was able to solve your problem with Flash.

Since you have solved your problem, I'll lock the thread.

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