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Google Picasa 3.x

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jinkyjimmy54 google picasa
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secunia showing picasa update but when i update it still shows. i tried uninstaling picasa and re-installing it but still showing i need update on picasa.

TiMow RE: google picasa
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This has come up before with Picasa, and I think it's like the other Google favourite - Chrome. Each update creates a new file, leaving the old one for PSI to find and report as insecure. This has to be deleted.

Check that you have got the new update correctly installed by seeing if it's listed under Patched tab (PSI or earlier), or Scan Results (PSI 2 beta); AND from About... from Picasa Help dropdown menu.

If it appears that you do have both new and old versions, then click on Open Folder icon for the insecure listing of Picasa (or navigate to file location using Windows Explorer), right click it and delete (may have to further delete from recycle bin).

If PSI tray icon pop-up bubble doesn't notify change after a short time, then re-scan PSI.

Alternatively, if Picasa About... indicates latest, but PSI doesn't - and only has the previous insecure version, then try fully exiting PSI - right click tray icon and exit. Open from All Programs (Start), and then run a full PSI scan.


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