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gerry1945 Dix X Web Player ??
Member 7th Nov, 2010 03:30
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PSI tells me Dix X web player is out of date yet Divx site says all are up to date?

Can someone enlighten me if possible please C:\Program Files\DivX\DivX Web Player\npdivx32.dll



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mogs RE: Dix X Web Player ??
Member 7th Nov, 2010 11:13
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Very often when you update a prog, the older version/file isn't automatically removed...psi continues to detect that, even if it is in the Recycle bin.
Do you have a Divx prog showing in the Patched tab as well as an entry in the Insecure tab ?
If you have need to contact the forum again, could you please give details of psi version and your Operating System....often helpful in resolving matters.....thankyou.

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Anthony Wells RE: Dix X Web Player ??
Expert Contributor 7th Nov, 2010 12:51
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Hello Gerry ,
In addition to what Mogs has told you ; the following is relevant :-

The latest up to date version of the DivX Web Player is and is displayed by the PSI at the same location you indicate . PSI references it as DivX Plus Web Player

Do you have the latest DivX Plus Player loaded . My latest "free" version is displayed as 8.10.x and version .

This version is still "vulnerable/insecure , no solution"** to the "Insecure Library Loading vulnerability" as per this listing :-

and this specific Secunia Advisory41108

**Please note : there is a PSI bug which prevents the Web Player plug-in displaying in the "secure browsing" tab/page of the PSI .

Take care



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gerry1945 RE: Dix X Web Player ??
Member 7th Nov, 2010 22:34
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Thank you all for your help....I managed to remove the old web player which I could not as it was not originally in Add Remove but for some reason it popped up, all seems well now.

Regards Gerry
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