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Tholly Deserved Phrase
Member 7th Nov, 2010 10:27
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I've crawled out from under a rock and just today discovered Secunia.

First impression is >> Wow!

I salute all those on the team that have put together such a purposeful product that fills a much needed void.

mogs RE: Deserved Phrase
Member 7th Nov, 2010 11:25
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Here's a couple of links you may find it worthwhile bookmarking for future reference :- FAQ's
If you ever have need to contact the forum with a problem, could you please give details of your psi version and Operating System.....both often useful in resolving matters.
Remember that you can include that info in your Signature field ( found in My Profile...grey; on the left of page )....As you see in mine, below.It will save you having to repeat at each request.
Welcome to the forum........regards,

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