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lvdaston Patch not available until complete rescan?
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Anthony Wells RE: Patch not available until complete rescan?
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Hi ,

In Dashboard->Configuration->settings do you have enabled

"Start ....on Boot"

"Enable Program Monitoring"

"Enable Automatic Program Updates" with or without Prompt enabled .

See section 4.5 of the "Secunia PSI Manual (PDF)" under Dashboard->learn More .

With the above settings enabled the PSI advised me within 24 hours of the Flash update . The system may/does not work for all programmes ; to date M$ updates need a full scan/patch/reboot/full scan (possibly repeated to be detected and then register in the PSI) .

People have complained about the rigour of only a one week reset for the scanner and many (the most paranoid ?! :)) do run daily scans . Secunia are looking into a scan scheduler . EDIT : a programme scan is often ineffective a full scan is usually required ; the situation is improved in the Beta with updates displaying/appearing without any scan .

In your community profile on the top lhs of this page , when logged in , you can select "Software Inspector Reminder" to get an email telling you of updates to the major programmes covered by the OSI .

Hope that helps somewhat .



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