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ramat How do I uninstall PSI?
Member 11th Nov, 2010 20:28
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I tried to uninstall the PSI, but, can't. Is there a way to do this? If I had known you couldn't uninstall it, I wouldn't have downloaded it.

mogs RE: How do I uninstall PSI?
Member 11th Nov, 2010 20:51
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Does that mean your love affair is over before it's begun ?! You can't see any advantage in keeping it ?! You've had a couple of hiccoughs, and you're fed-up already ?!
What version did you download ? Usually, it will uninstall itself when moving on to another version. Have you tried the psi 2.0 Beta with automatic updates....tho' it doesn't yet include too many programs.....but updating will be a breeze in the future. Oh well; if you can't find the need to persevere....sorry to see you come and go so quickly !
If you go to Add/Remove or Programs and Features....right click and delete....are you having a problem with that ? Do you use Revouninstaller (?)....that will check for any leftover files as well.
Please give more info regarding version and OS if you require more assistance....regards,

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TiMow RE: How do I uninstall PSI?
Dedicated Contributor 12th Nov, 2010 08:20
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To echo what mogs has already written - it's a pity that you haven't given PSI a good run for its money - and decided to quit so easily.

If there are aspects of it's functionality, or reporting of insecure programs, that you are either unsure of, or don't fully understand, then it would be better to post these details back to the forum.

If you are determined to uninstall, then PSI v. has an uninstaller as part of its download, in its file location (I don' know if 2.0 beta has same).

Depending on your OS, it will be somewhere the same or similar to:

C:\Program Files\Secunia\PSI\psi.exe

Of course, it would be easier to use the PSI Open Folder option to go there - but you probably haven't had the chance to find that out, yet.

Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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