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PSI 2.0 Beta

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MaritimeRider PSI 2 Beta.
Member 12th Nov, 2010 04:10
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Following my current update , ending with a scan and restart, My dashboard shows 100% score. There is no error except in the system tray which shows a yellowish / brown icon. What happened to the green icon? The present icon is a gross color. It also states my dashboard is at 96% which is false. How can I get the green icon which corresponds to the dashboard info.
Many thks to the company for this level of update.

Anthony Wells RE: PSI 2 Beta.
Expert Contributor 12th Nov, 2010 16:49
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Hello MR ,

The yuk colour is the Secunia "yellow/amber" on XP blue typs background . It comes up when the Dashboard is not 100 % - not sure at which %/time point it goes to red .

If the dashboard is 96% is the reason you got yellow(!??:(((

Any "insecure" or "EOL" will show at the top of the "results" page , other "zombie" entries will be grouped into the one programme display ; why are you sure you are 100% ?? what is the "state of programs" entry showing on the dash ??

Other Beta "bugs" usually can be rectified by running a new complete scan or exiting the programme with the tray icon and restarting from All Programmes .

Take care



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MaritimeRider RE: PSI 2 Beta.
Member 13th Nov, 2010 02:25
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Hi Tony.
My 100% score is what secunia is telling me. It must be a bug. I will reinstall it and see what happens. I was curious to see if anyone else had this issue; hence the post. Many thks. REH.
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