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jp_dutch95 Adobe Reader 9.x
Member 12th Nov, 2010 15:38
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You list Adobe Reader as unsafe with no solution available.
But why not recommend the Foxit Reader?

Unless that's unsafe as well.
If this is the case, I would love to be informed.

In general: if programs are unsafe for longer periods, why not suggest (safe!) alternatives?

TiMow RE: Adobe Reader 9.x
Dedicated Contributor 12th Nov, 2010 16:46
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The latest Harry Potter installment may have just been premiered, but, unfortunately, PSI doesn't have a similar magic wand.

It can only scan your installed programs, and compare the versions found with its database, and alert you to any that are vulnerable and need to be updated/patched.

As its database has many 100's (1000's?) of programs, from the majority of vendors (you only have to look under the Programs section of the forum - click on vendor), it can't favour one piece of software over another - it must be impartial.

Apart from that, how could it know a users individual requirements?
How more complicated would it be for Secunia to build alternative program recommendations into its program software?
And all this for free.

There comes a time when users need to make informed decisions for themselves, based on the available information - otherwise we are in danger of becoming like these boxes, ourselves - just programmed to do what someone (something) else suggests.

BTW - at time of writing, Foxit is shown by PSI as patched and not vulnerable.


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Maurice Joyce RE: Adobe Reader 9.x
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This might be of use?

I have had FOXIT,NUANCE & PDF XCHANGE on test since I wrote the article.

The best performer & the one with the least vulnerabilities since that time is Nuance.


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OldDuffer RE: Adobe Reader 9.x
Member 14th Nov, 2010 18:46
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I agree

I tried several alternatives but the best was Nuance PDF Reader.

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