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adobe flash player10x downloaded the 2 patches it says are required ran them on xp rescanned rebooted still says i req 2 patches can any help?

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What PSI is probably telling you, is, that you don't need to reapply the patches; but elements of the old insecure flash still remain - normally the old.ocx ActiveX file - and needs to be removed.

Before updating, deleting or uninstalling flash, everything that uses it has to be fully exited, otherwise the old .ocx file will remian. This includes all browsers, messenger and PSI (v. or earlier; 2.0 beta, not) - PSI is exited by right clicking the tray icon, then Exit.

You have 2 choices:-

you can uninstall flash using Adobe's uninstaller - - (remembering to close the above mentioned programs before running), and then re-apply the 2 updates again;
navigate to the file location - on XP, is here:
and from the right side of Windows Explorer look for the green/yellow gear wheels icon(s) with Flash10l.ocx - this is the latest, and should be kept.

Any others, such as, Flash10k.ocx, (or Flash10i.ocx and other earlier letters, if present) should be right clicked, and deleted (only possible, when, again, the aforementioned programs are first exited).

If unsure, or the above doesn't seem to work, then post back here and give details of which version of PSI you use.


EDIT: Forgot to add, that you may need to re-boot and re-scan PSI, for changes to be detected.

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