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dennismckernan Autoupdater for PSI 2.0 Beta itself
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Dear Secunia Support,

Thanks for a great product that truly improves the security landscape for everyone!

Please add an autoupdater for PSI 2.0 Beta itself. It is somewhat ironic to be using a program that reports other out of date programs and can automatically update THEM but which cannot autoupdate itself! I use Secunia PSI on a couple PCs and it is becoming tedious to get the update notification balloon and have to download the new version, manually uninstall the old version, and install the new version OVER and OVER again!

Also, the autoupdate of other programs is great, but please add some of status reporting on these updates. Seeing 'update scheduled' but with no idea when and no way to see EXACTLY why the update is not proceeding is very frustrating. Something like 'File in use' would be much better!




This user no longer exists RE: Autoupdater for PSI 2.0 Beta itself
Secunia Official 16th Nov, 2010 10:58
So far no vulnerability has ever been found in the PSI, but if it should ever happen it will be treated just like any other program. You will be alerted about the vulnerability and get a download to the patched version. It may even happen automatically if you have auto-update enabled.

If in doubt about whether you need to install a specific new version, you can also view the change log:

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