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gtwyuser Installed flash player successfully PSI won't see it
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I installed flash player for IE8, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Explorer is different, I found that out the hard way, but now everything is correct I checked each site individually and all is good. Went back to PSI and confirmed there were no insecure, end of life programs and in historic development, PSI says I need to install flash player. Uninstalled-reinstalled, added plug-in, same thing. What should I do?


TiMow RE: Installed flash player successfully PSI won't see it
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First things first - have you re-booted and re-scanned PSI, since updating?

I suspect you're using PSI, because of the need for flash to display graphics. If you're using an earlier version, you should upgrade to this (download link, top right of forum page).

In Advanced mode (top right of PSI window), go to Patched tab and check that you have current version of Adobe Flash ( - showing two entries - ActiveX and NPAPI.

It is the ActiveX that IE uses, and PSI needs for graphics. If the current version is correctly listed for ActiveX, then the problem lies elsewhere - probably not at your end of the wire.

Secunia appeared to have suffered some server problems over the weekend, with some users experiencing incomplete scans, no programs listed and no historic development.

This may not yet be fully rectified - I have had problems loading forum pages this morning (C.E.T.), with many attempts timing out.


P.S. If nothing has changed, then as a final thought you could try this:
- right click PSI tray icon and exit;
- re-open PSI from Start>All Programs;
- run a full scan.

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