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Per Ewerloef Unable to open suggested Adobe update
Member 17th Nov, 2010 18:27
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Suggested solution by asking for update from Adobe is OK but the file they presented has suffix .msp which my computer does not accept. Using Filecure by Paretologic I am suggested to download programs that include .msp-file but
doing so - downloading XnView which is free - did not solve my problem either.
I would be happy to receive another solving suggestion. Thank you.

Anthony Wells RE: Unable to open suggested Adobe update
Expert Contributor 17th Nov, 2010 21:26
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Hello Per ,

For someone to help you , you need to tell us :-

Which Adobe programme are you trying to update !?

Which version of the PSI you are using on which Windows OS !?

Have you tried using the Adobe programme's internal update system using the "Help" dropdown menu ??



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Nelson Mandela
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Perewerloef RE: Unable to open suggested Adobe update
Member 18th Nov, 2010 10:30
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Hello Anthony,

My problem is updating Adobe Reader 9.X and I am running Windows XP
and SP3. If you can help me out with accessing the program MPS which is required to open the update-file without having to purchase Photoshop Pro or maybe other expensive programs I would be most thankful. P.S.: Your suggestions were most helpful!

Best regards,
Per Ewerloef
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