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walkerpbus Did my thread disappear?
Member 18th Nov, 2010 04:19
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What's going on? I'm about to give up on PSI & this forum. The other thread, created just minutes ago (I'm on US CST) with the topic name of "2 problems" cannot be found. It's main issue was PSI reports insecure Firefox 3.6.11 while I have 3.6.12, the latest (& have had it for weeks!). Search could find neither the topic name nor the contents of Firefox. Will I be able to find this thread?

Paul B Walker

Anthony Wells RE: Did my thread disappear?
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Hello ,

Clicking your name in the lhs column of any of your posts to any thread will display all the threads you have created and all the threads you have otherwise posted on . Similarly , using the link "My Threads" in the column on thlhs of this webpage will do the same thing .

The results show this thread and the next one back dates to two weeks ago ; you raised a Firefox problem but did not respond to Mogs' or TiMow's posts/replies .

Loading to this website seems to be very slow these last few days and so your "missing" thread may not have loaded correctlyand has been lost .

Either recreate "another" thread or give the details here that TiMow requested previously , to enable us to help you .



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