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Seajo Sun Java JRE 1.5/5x
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Recent scans indicate that Sun Java JRE 1.5/5x is a security threat. Using the recommended downloads to fix doesn't correct the problem. I us a PC, XP with Firefox as the browser.

TiMow RE: Sun Java JRE 1.5/5x
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Each Java update only removes the previous version of itself - older versions remain for PSI to flag as insecure.

The current Java version (from PSI, Advanced mode, Patched tab) is:
You can double check you have the latest version, by double clicking the Java icon in Control Panel, then "Update Now" from Update tab.
1.5/5x is obviously old, and got missed with previous updates.

In the first instance look in Add/remove programs (Control Panel) and remove/delete any reference to Java, other than:

Java (TM) 6 Update 22

Which is the current update and should be kept.

Re-scan PSI.

If this doesn't solve the problem, then post back with your PSI version number (if using, then are you using Advanced mode?), and file path of the insecure Java (if able to give - if not guidance can be given).


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