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Microsoft Excel 2007

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BigSam More Won't Patch
Member 19th Nov, 2010 16:07
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According to the Technical Details, Excel 2007 is installed in the Visio 2007 directory. I've check for updates to Visio but there are none. If I delete the file entries in Visio I suspect I'll disable some functions of Visio.
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cloaker9 RE: More Won't Patch
Member 26th Nov, 2010 02:56
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I have a program that needs to be deleted because I updated to Picasa 3 so Piscasa 2.x needs to be deleted. What to do??? Also the first Secunia PSI I had showed patces status,chart of secure status, and end of life status. Need help.
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mogs RE: More Won't Patch
Member 26th Nov, 2010 07:21
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Hello cloaker9. future, please start your own new thread ( see Create Thread on left of page )....thereby avoiding posts crossing....thankyou.
As a generality, it is often the case that when you update, older files/versions get left behind; it is these that Secunia continues to detect even if still in the Recycle bin.
Regarding the issue with Picasa; please read TiMow's post on the following thread, for explanation and guidance :-
What version of psi are you using ? What is your Operating System ? This info is often useful in resolving matters.
End of Life entries are those that the vendor has ceased to support. Insecure, are those that require patching/updating: Patched....self explanatory.
In all cases, you will see a +sign to the left of the entry....clicking on it will expand it to reveal the file path. In the case of earlier psi versions, if you then click on Tech Details, the file path will be confirmed. Post that info to the forum also, if needing more help. With psi Beta version...another click will provide further info.
Here are a couple of links which you might find handy from time to time....worth bookmarking for future reference := FAQ's
Hope this helps.......regards,

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