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kberickson Insecure program Adobe Reader 9.x
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My security scan shows shows Adobe Reader 9.X as an insecure program. Unfortunately, when I click on the solution tab, essentially nothing happens. A rescan shows that the Adobe program is still a threat. Thoughts? Thank you.

TiMow RE: Insecure program Adobe Reader 9.x
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I can't give you hands on help - I ditched Adobe for my PDF reading requirements a long time back, but ....

- exactly which version is showing as insecure?

- Adobe downloads give 9.x to download, and the following 3rd party site, gives this as precisely 9.4.1 **(see below) - which concurs with other very recent threads on Adobe Reader:

there is a download link on the above link, if PSI isn't providing you with one.

[EDIT: Don't click on the big red download buttons (ads.) - the Reader downloads are lower down, in small blue print]

However, on filehippo, only posted today, is Adobe Reader 10.0 (which is not beta):

Maybe the download of one of the above may help to clear(overwrite) your insecurity.

Sometimes to correctly update Adobe Reader, this has to done in incremental steps, from your current version. The filehippo site lists previous versions (on r.h.s.), if needed.

If the above doesn't help, then post back with the exact version number of the insecure Reader, and it's installation path.


EDIT: **this site also gives 10.0 as latest (and previous incremental updates).

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Anthony Wells RE: Insecure program Adobe Reader 9.x
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Hi ,

Adding to all the good advice TiMow has given , here is the link for the latest Adobe Reader X (as in Latin 10 maybe) which has the new "protected mode" which I believe is their sandboxing system , previously trailed .

This could be an important security step for those not otherwise sandboxing !! Worth checking into :-

X would be an upgrade to a new platform and not an update from 9.x , as such

Hope this helps .



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