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Electro911 Test results - V.
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Good day;

Installed OK, kept all my exceptions etc...

Very nice manual. (From link in "Learn More")

Thank you for all the links everywhere. Very nice for quick access to more info etc...

Where is our nice "Pie chart" ? I liked that... with same options (3D etc...) as before. :-)

All Secunia (PSI) download files should have the Version# in their download filename.

In PSI main screens; nowhere can we see "About PSI" to check the V#. Can only see it from R-click on the Systray icon.
The "Learn More" screen might be a good place for it. That location should also include a direct link to PSI-itself's downloads / updates.

From Systray "About PSI" and also, in Properties of PSI.exe;
Version displays shouldn't it read V 2.. something ? (With (Beta) added, in this case)

In Windows we are used to a standard Windows layout and menus; I think PSI's layout is confusing.

When double-click on a program listed, ie in Scan Results; very nice to see the path... and then to be able to go straight to that folder. However, the child window is same color as main PSI screen, so hard to "see" when it is a child window that's opened.

In Quick Summary;
Confusing, and at first "stressful", to see the darn red X icons, like at: "Secunia CSI Integration", and on the "State of Programs" line. For home users, we don''t care about CSI so why is it RED? .. it does NOT require urgent attention.!.. Blue or yellow might be OK, for all such non-actionable items, and we would still notice it as different than "normal".

Again, with the "useless" "ALERT-RED-BIG X" OMG THERE IS A FIRE !!!!... Like in " Insecure - no vendor solution" ie: Apple QuickTime, Internet Explorer 8 etc.. (Personally, I don't care about any other browsers. But I do have good protections, anyway - but I digress).
If no solutions or patches available - NO BIG RED ICON or RED Titles pls. (Maybe Blue, Yellow ? warning color) instead. We'd still see the warning(Blue or whatever) but, nothing we can do about it... There is no info in descriptions either, for any manual work arounds... ie Fixes thru a Registry change or whatever.

Hummm... Why would a restart "Clear the Create Log File" setting ?
We select it, so we want it. :-)

WE ARE MISSING A SELECTION... There is only a "Close Tray Icon" item. We lost our "Exit" (completely) PSI. The PSIA32 process still runs, regardless...

Thank you. :-) :-)

thedillpickl RE: Test results - V.
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I agree about the 'beat you over the head' red alerts. If something has no fix and if no action you take will help, just make it yellow or blue or something. Secure Browsing is a bit different, if the browser itself is a Cat 5 threat, sure red is appropriate. However, if Flash has problems not so much. (I believe that is the way Secure Browsing works now.)

Yes, how about the 'new' way to close PSI? Clicking the "X" in the top right closes the interface (a pain if doing stuff with PSI, you must learn to click the "_" [underscore] if you may be coming back) but does not shut down PSI. Right click "Exit" won't do it either. You have to use Task Manager to shut it down. (Not that what's left running takes up much memory, it's just the idea.)

Also to repeat my suggestion from another thread.



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