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pbgollaz Webserver down again?
Member 20th Nov, 2010 01:08
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A few minutes ago PSI popped up a message saying: "Program changes detected: 60 programs removed". I imagine that's an indication that the Secunia webserver is down once again - for the third time this week!

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davewilkinsnzl RE: Webserver down again?
Member 20th Nov, 2010 02:39
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I have just had the same problem. When I booted my computer this morning everything was fine and as suggested did a manual scan as well. This recorded 46 programs as per normal and a 100% score. Have just come back to my computer which was in sleep mode to see message 47 programs removed. Where did the extra program come from? Manual scan gave the same result and I can't load the dashboard as before. Very frustrating hope it is only the webserver.

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MaritimeRider RE: Webserver down again?
Member 20th Nov, 2010 04:09
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Looking for a solution to the same issue, I came across your post. Glad to see it so I would not waste time in trying to correct.
As well, the task icon changed itself back to red, without my help. This occurred after one week showing a yellow icon, but a 100% score. Minor bugs but still time consuming.
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