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Gamma Download Solution Problem
Member 20th Nov, 2010 15:44
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Secunda is reporting that flash & shockwave are not up tp date even though they seem to be. Clicking on the Download solution option brings up a pop up saying "Unable to locate an appropiate web browser for the requested url". Clicking on the vistit the forum option has the same result. My default browser IE8 fully patched (guess this goes without saying if I'm using PSI!!), I also have Chrome & Firefox installed. Any suggestions?


ps - why can't Adobe make their updates remove all the old software

TiMow RE: Download Solution Problem
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Hi Peter

2 things you can check:

1) Check that your settings are the same as in FAQ 3, in the following link:

2) A bit more tricky, but especially written by M.Hansen of Secunia, for exactly this problem:

Finally Adobe software has got a bit better in removing the last version:

- Shockwave is normally relatively problem free;
- Flash updates OK, providing that everything that may be using it, is fully exited before updating - this includes all browsers (once update is downloaded, but before running), messengers and PSI v. and earlier (fully exited by right clicking tray icon and selecting exit). But it still needs 2 updates; for ActiveX and NPAPI.


EDIT: Although not a solution to your problem, in the meantime, you can use the following links to download updates to make you secure:

For Flash ActiveX:

and for Flash NPAPI:

For Shockwave:

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Gamma RE: Download Solution Problem
Member 22nd Nov, 2010 15:23
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Thanks for the comprehensive reply.
AFter a reboot Shockwave decided it would like to reinstall which fixed that problem and I uninstalled Flash & reinstalled it which fixed that.

The "Unable to locate a browser" problem however remains. I followed all the suggestions without success including editing the registry but suspect I may not have the edit quite right (I did take a backup first!).

Regedit showed the entry as http/shell/open with no contents.
Do I need to add a new key called "command" here and put the IE8 file name and path here?

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Anthony Wells RE: Download Solution Problem
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Hello Peter ,

You may find this thread useful concerning the regedit ; my post of 10.Nov.2010 @ 16.50 (plus all the later ones) and the links to other threads will give you much detail of what is involved - if you can spare the time :-

I'm sure you are well aware of all the dangers of fiddling with the Registry ; but do make sure you know what you are trying to do and are backed up .

Let us know how you are getting on .



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