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ravendawson fix ocx
Member 21st Nov, 2010 13:26
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Hi guys, need help removing flash10h.ocx. After learning about the issue regarding this, I tried to delete it, but keeps on asking for admin's approval? read some article regarding ocx (, but it didn't seemed to address such error.

mogs RE: fix ocx
Member 21st Nov, 2010 14:12
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Have you recently managed to update Adobe Flash Player ? What version of psi are you using....and some details of which is your OS might be useful ?
Dependant on the psi version....what is the file path to the offending file ?....if you click on the + sign alongside the entry it will expand to reveal same. Clicking on Tech Details will confirm it . Post that info back to the forum for someone hopefully to be able assist you........regards,

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