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This user no longer exists Menu Bar Icons
Member 24th Nov, 2010 17:23
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Does anyone now how to rearrange menu bar icons for a PC NOT a MAC? The Google slot on my menu bar has swallowed up over half of the available space. I 'googled' the problem, but can find only mac solutions and those I didn't understand. I do not have a command bar.

Thank you.


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TiMow RE: Menu Bar Icons
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Just to clarify your query - the menu bar is usually the term for the first line under the program name - with the following written (no icons): "File : Edit : History : Bookmarks : Tools : Help" (e.g. in Firefox).

If you're referring to the "Google" search box, followed by icons - do you in fact mean the Google Toolbar on your browser?

If so, you can reduce the size of the search box by doing the following:

- on right of the search box is the Google emblem/icon, followed by the word "Search";
- immediately after this, but before the other icons, is a light grey vertical line;
- hover the mouse curser over this, until a black horizontal 2-way arror appears;
- press and hold left mouse button to move left or right/ decrease or increase, the search box.

By clicking on the spanner/wrench, towards the right end of the same toolbar,will give the toolbar options menu - choose from l.h.s "Custom Buttons" and/or "Tools" to determine which and how many other icons you wish to have on the toolbar.

I hope I've guessed right


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This user no longer exists RE: Menu Bar Icons
Member 24th Nov, 2010 23:04
Hello TiMow.

Following your instructions I managed to fix the problem, just not quite the way you described it. On my Firefox window, the Google search slot is the last slot on that tool bar. I managed to grab the end of the address bar to the left of Google and drag it to the right, pushing Google back into place.

Thank you very much.

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