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libove Give detailed feedback to user during auto-updates
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I wish I had more detailed information to comment here, but as the nature of the criticism is that the product does not give enough user feedback / interaction, I'm limited in this case to commenting on how I feel as a user when using the auto-update function of PSI 2beta So, here goes:

PSI 2beta's auto-update feature sounds good in principle but feels bad in practice.

1. The user interface is very slow to update regarding the status of the auto-updates the user has approved. The UI should update within <5 seconds after any status change occurs in an auto-update process.

2. The user interface is insufficiently granular in the status it shows to the user. It seems to have the states "approved", "downloading", "applying" (this one invariably last forever), and (waiting for user to get tired of waiting and manually re-scan, after which it often still shows as pending results of auto-update).
Each state, as much as is practical, needs a progress indicator.

The downloading state should show "connecting...", then a percentage counter until 100%, at which point the next state is entered (or possibly a "scheduling..." state after the download completes if the actual application of the downloaded update will not start immediately).

The applying state, if the way PSI launches the updates and the way the updates are written permits, should show a progress indicator from the update package itself. And while I know I'm asking too much in this next one, if you can think of a way to do it, some kind of "I know it's slow, but I'm pretty sure it's still working" status vs. a "You know, I think it might be wedged, and maybe we need to try again / reboot and try again" status. Auto-application of updates through the PSI beta has definitely not been smooth as yet.

3. Within <5 seconds of the update completing, PSI should show that the update has completed.

4. As soon as the update has completed, if the just-updated program can be re-scanned without re-scanning the entire system, PSI should initiate a program-specific re-scan, and post that status to the user, and as shortly thereafter as a program-specific re-scan can complete, the final disposition should be displayed.

All of these status indicators to the user should occur whether the user is in the collapsed summary mode (one line per program), the expanded view within the summary (the user has clicked on the + to expand a specific program), or the full details pop-up window (the user has double-clicked on the program line in the summary list).

5. Nice-to-have extra, particularly nice-to-have for Secunia to continue to benefit from its users' desire to support program/update-specific difficulties: To the degree that each update package method (.MSI/.MSU, InstallShield, etc) supports, allow the user to open a window showing the diagnostic output of the update package installation progress in real time, or at least point the user easily to the log file created on disk by the update package's execution.


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