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libove Windows 7 Task Tray "notification" compatibility (and what constitutes "100%")
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Windows 7's Task Tray has a nice feature where, on a per-program basis, a program's icon can be set to appear in the Task Tray (vs. in the hidden collapsed group of other Task Tray icons) only if the program has a "notification".

PSI 2beta does not seem to be compatible with this, as it will display only when the Windows 7 Task Tray configuration for the PSI icon is set to "icon & notifications".

I would like to see PSI put itself in to "notification" mode any time its icon would be any status other than green (that is, any status other than "you have successfully fully scanned within the last programmed interval, and you are at 100% according to your settings of what you want to be warned about").

That way, IF I see the PSI icon (which will happen to be orange or red), I'll know I need to do something. If I don't see the icon, I don't have to think about it at all.

A further word on what should constitute a "100% score". Some people will want to be warned if there are any known but not fixable problems, such as insecure browsing, or end-of-life programs (though without any known security hole). Others will only want to know when an installed program needs a patch and can be patched. I suggest an additional advanced-mode configuration option to allow the user to specify which conditions should be taken into account when calculating the final security score, and whether the icon should be green or not-green. (Perhaps this should be a separate thread? Feel free to break it out, Secunia).


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