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Zorkoff PSI Overwrites current sound definition
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Running PSI under Win XP SP3

I have been looking for the process that destroys the definition of my Explorer Start Navigation sound definition. I have that sound defined as "Start.wav" and after each reboot it gets set to "Sta".

If I disable PSI at startup, the sound definition remains as I set it.

I ran the Sysinternals ProcessMonitor program filtered for registry accesses to
HKCU\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\Explorer\Navigating \.current\(Default)
and I found when starting PSI manually that PSI executes a RegSetValue on that registry Key 4 times during startup. The data is garbage and the type is changed from REG_SZ to REG_EXPAND_SZ.

So my question is why does PSI have to change my sound definitions at all?

I would also like to submit this as a bug report.

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