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Midnight_Voice Scan Program column sort order is case sensitive
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At the end of my neatly arranged A-Z of Programs is 'comdlg32 ActiveX Control 6.X'

The only reason I can see for this being at the very end is that this is where a case sensitive sort has placed it.

Should the sort perhaps be case insensitive? I think this would be better, and would match what Windows Explorer does.

The Detected Installation, BTW, is C:\Windows\System32\Comdlg32.ocx.

Using 'Open Folder' on this and examining the properties of this file, or using UltraEdit and searching the actual code for 'comdlg32', does not yield anything that looks like the Program name above, so I don't quite know where PSI got it from.

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This user no longer exists RE: Scan Program column sort order is case sensitive
Member 29th Nov, 2010 09:07

Thank you for your feedback.

I will ensure your suggestion, along with your comment, reaches our developers for consideration.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to ask.
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