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mag12203 Adobe Air 2.x
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Does anyone know anything about this application Adobe Air 2.x ? what does it do and if its necessary for my computer? I ran the scan and I get a category 5 threat.

TiMow RE: Adobe Air 2.x
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To find out more, you can Google "Adobe Air". For starters, here's a link to WiKi:

Although your computer and Windows don't require Air, it is used when using the internet, for certain aspects on web pages - I can't say for what, exactly; you can check for yourself.

As far as I'm aware, the majority of users have it installed, without problem - providing you have the latest version.

[Adobe software is known for being a target for the "bad guys" and requires frequent security updates].

There has recently been an update for Air - if you download and install this (from the following link), it should clear your threat.

If you have further Q.'s or problems, then post back.


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