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nancym Unwanted emails from Secunia
Member 2nd Dec, 2010 02:10
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Hello, it's me again.

For the last week or so I have been bomb-barded with Secunia email. Each one is different. They are from Secunia Security Advisiories for some kind of free trial
This is the heading of the one I got about 10 min ago. [SA42411] Red Hat update for wireshark.

How do I stop these emails from coming in? I get maybe 4 or 5 at one time, at least 5 times a day.


RE: Unwanted emails from Secunia
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TiMow RE: Unwanted emails from Secunia
Dedicated Contributor 2nd Dec, 2010 07:41
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On l.h.s. of this forum page, at the bottom of the forum sub-headings (light blue), and above the log-in box, there is a heading: "My Profile" (grey).

When you click this, you'll see "My Subscriptions"; you must have , at one time, checked the box for Secunia Advisories. You can now uncheck it, to stop the e-mails.


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quiggley RE: Unwanted emails from Secunia
Member 2nd Dec, 2010 12:10
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Whew! Thanks SOOO much.
Is it ok to give you a ((hug))? lol

nancym/quiggley. :)
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