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Hans37 Best Installation procedure
Member 2nd Dec, 2010 09:42
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I have recently installed Chrome 7.0.517.44, using the Google update package, as received through

However, Secunia PSI still says my current version of Chrome is 6.0.472.63, which needs to be updated.

According to Windows Control Panel the update was succesfull: Google Chrome version is indicated as 7.0.517.44.

Actually, the path ...\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application contains both subdirectories: 6.0.472.63 as well as 7.0.517.44. Apparently both directories are complete, containing 121 and 140 MB respectively.

Now my question is: Can I safely ignore the warning of Secunia PSI about Chrome 6.x, or do I need to remove it?

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mogs RE: Best Installation procedure
Member 2nd Dec, 2010 10:03
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psi continues to detect the previous version even if still residing in the Recycle bin.
Even under normal circumstances...when you update Chrome via About Chrome accessed from the Wrench/ does not automatically remove the older file/ version, and it has to be removed manually.
Hope this helps......regards,

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TiMow RE: Best Installation procedure
Dedicated Contributor 2nd Dec, 2010 10:05
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Short answer is - you need to remove it.

Updating Chrome, always creates a new file, leaving any/all previous versions to be manually deleted.

Use PSI "Open Folder", or navigate with Windows Explore, and delete the old numbered folder.

May require further deletion from Recycle bin.

If program monitoring (on PSI) is enabled, the removal of the insecurity should be picked up, without the need to re-scan.


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Hans37 RE: Best Installation procedure
Member 2nd Dec, 2010 10:13
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Thank You very much for this prompt reply.

Are You in fact saying, that after installing version 7.x,
the entire directory

C:\...\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\6.0.472.63

can - and should - be manually deleted ?
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