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Oracle Java JRE 1.6.x / 6.x

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lesdove Java
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Java is showing itself to be insecure when it is NOT- simply because users have NOT chosen to include the YAYHOO TOOL BAR?

mogs RE: Java
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Could you please provide the file path to the insecurity for someone to be able to help you ? It is often the case that details of psi version and OS are useful in resolving matters as well.

Finding the file path.

psi versions and

Use the Advanced interface...or switch to it ( Simple/ right of psi panel ).

1/. Click on the + sign alongside the programme to expand it.
2/. Click again on Tech Details in the Toolbox to confirm the installation path of the detected file/prog. 3/.Post the Installation Path back to the forum if you are uncertain how best to proceed.

psi version 2.0 Beta

Go to Results from the Dashboard

1/. Click on the + sign alongside the file.
2/. This will reveal the file path.
3/. Post the info back to the forum if uncertain how best to proceed.


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Maurice Joyce RE: Java
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Declining to install or use the Yahoo Toolbar does not impact on JAVA.

Somewhere U have got an old/older version(s).

Can be used with Windows XP,Vista & Windows 7 - 32 & 64 Bit Systems.

Go to Control Panel>add/remove.

Uninstall ALL versions of JRE or JSE or JDK or JVM or JAVA(TM) EXCEPT for JAVA(TM) 6 Update 22.

Now do a full PSI rescan & all should be in order.

Windows does not require JAVA to be installed to work therefore if U make a error & uninstall the lot it does not matter.

U can download the latest version from here if U really require JAVA.

U can test it is working correctly here:

Update 1 11:12 04/11/2010

If that has not worked then the offending programme is not on your C Drive & U will need to give us the path to the problem as described by @Mogs.


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