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Tom Bagge openoffice DK
Member 4th Dec, 2010 17:26
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Hi all
Im running a Asus Laptop with openoffice Dk installed, and every time Secunia 2.0 beta find an update it download and install the english version of the program, instead of the danish, this is not smart, because I install a lot for other older people, which don't understand english and can't use the program then.

Is this something you vill look into before release the 2.0 version in full function??

Tom Bagge

It's a great program, plz. make it better but be able to control for installed languages.

This user no longer exists RE: openoffice DK
Member 6th Dec, 2010 09:19

Yes, this is one of the things we will be looking into for the final release! The issue of missing localizations is specific to the Auto-Update Technology Previews and PSI 2.0 Beta versions.

While it may not be finished in the first release candidate, it should be fixed in tact with the full release.
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