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immjf False end-of-life reports
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PSI reports end-of-life issue that is based on an installation application located on an external hard drive attached to my computer; the application is not installed on this computer nor has it ever been installed on this computer. I appreciate PSI reporting, but do not wish to waste time on false items.

mogs RE: False end-of-life reports
Member 4th Dec, 2010 20:11
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It would be helpful if you quoted the version of psi you are using. There must be a connection, as psi does not "memorize" info from previous scans. You can create an ignore rule......the official reply is as follows :-

For 1.5:
Switch to Advanced Mode
Click the + next to the Program Name
Click the Ignore button

In 2 Beta , for an individual programme :-

1)on the results page either click the [+] and then double click the expanded entry displayed or double click the original entry :

2)in the opened window , look in the bottom module "detected installation" and right click the programme entry as suggested and you have the choices of "open folder" and "ignore rule" .

The latter sets/you confirm the rule for the individual programme .

"Settings" in both 2 Beta and 1.5x have a facility to create your own ignore rules .

If you follow the instructions posted above, you will be able to ignore the PSI's results from a specific program. Keep in mind, though, that simply ignoring a problem will not deal with the threat it faces.

Please also note that in PSI 1.x versions, an "ignored" directory will still be scanned, though the results will be disregarded, while in the PSI 2.0 Beta, ignoring a drive or folder will truly omit it from scanning.

Emil R. Petersen
Secunia PSI Support

Hope this helps.....regards,

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