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libove multiple users, multiple sets of results
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One of the enhancements in the current PSI 2beta release was to separate the UI component from the core engine of PSI, which is a good and necessary step.
I think it isn't quite done yet, however, as if you have a computer with more than one person logged in to it, with PSI set to run for all users, you seem to get multiple different sets of scan results, with - maybe - whoever was first to log in after the last reboot being the only person to see accurate results, even if they run a full PSI scan again. (At the end of that full scan, their results will be accurate; but if they exit and restart PSI in their user session, they'll go back to seeing old results).
At least, that's what I saw on a Vista system this morning, and I'm pretty sure I've seen it on one of my Windows 7 systems as well.

So, regardless of the accuracy of my observations, or why these things might be happenning, here's what I believe should happen:

1. PSI should run as a system service, absolutely without regarding to who, if anyone, is logged in at any time.

2. Anyone who has adequate authority to access the PSI service should be able to launch the PSI GUI, including multiple users logged in at once, and all should always see current information from the core PSI engine, which should be the sole and authoritative store of scan status and results.

And as a nice to have:
3. An Administrator should be able to grant permissions to specific Windows user IDs (including Domain user IDs, for those weird ones of us - like me - who have a Domain at home) to administer PSI without having Administrator permissions themselves.

Thanks Secunia.

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Secunia Official 8th Dec, 2010 15:42
Last edited on 8th Dec, 2010 15:57 Regarding 1 and 2; this is how the PSI Beta should already be working. If you experience any issues you are also welcome to contact us directly at

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback, we will look into it. Please let us know if you have any further comments or suggestions.

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