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walkerpbus Firefox & Thunderbird false warnings
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Your processor says both Firefox 3.6.13 & Thunderbird 3.1.7 are insecure & it has 2 end-of-life complaints (1, a FF add-on, other a MS Office PowerPoint). There are no updates for either FF or TB (just updated them this week!), I checked for addons In both FF & TB: none in FF, 1 in TB, which was corrected. I had same problem before with 2 of these, FF 3.6.12 & add on. I never was notified then, no response from forum either. I don't know what to do.

Paul B Walker

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TiMow RE: Firefox & Thunderbird false warnings
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I updated both Ff. (to 3.6.13) and TB (to 3.1.7) yesterday, but due to another issue, I had to do System Restore to a point prior to these updates.
When I checked to see if I needed to re-apply the updates, both were listed as the above versions.
As a safeguard I clicked "Check for Updates" from Help menu from each open program, and for each there was a further security update. It may be worth a check.

With MS Office PowerPoint - if this relates to PowerPoint Viewer 2003, this is end of life, and should be upgraded to PPV 2007; and PPV 2003 deleted from the Office 11 folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\ -- on XP)

Use M$ update if you need PPV 2007, or the following link:


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