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fanjules Windows 7 Sounds
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The current version of PSI appears to stop certain Windows 7 themes/sounds from working. For example, the "start navigation" sound doesn't work, unless you change your sound theme. But then when you restart its broken again.

I googled and found I'm not the only one:

I can't think why PSI is interfering with anything on the system, given it's just a scanner - perhaps it's causing a conflict at start-up. In any case, I have stopped PSI from launching at start-up and will run it manually each week. Incidentally, as soon as I run it manually - it breaks Windows 7 sounds just the same. The one that always seems to be broken is "start navigation", though I think others are effected - this is the one that is consistent so should be checked against for debugging. The "start navigation" sound can be heard when navigating folders in Windows Explorer, and possibly IE too, but many users turn that sound off.

Maybe the 2.0 version (currently in BETA) doesn't have this problem, but I'm rather reluctant to flap about with my system any further.

This user no longer exists RE: Windows 7 Sounds
Member 13th Dec, 2010 12:28

Thank you for your feedback.

This is a know issue, and we are currently working on a solution.

If you have any further requests, questions or comments, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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